Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.8: New Features & Improvements


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Learn how OW2 built a successful virtual event with Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.8 is going to be launched next week with many exciting new features, improvements, bug fixes, and user experience development efforts. Check them out!

Rocket.Chat Mobile App 4.8

  • Release Date: July 06, 2020


  • iOS 11+
  • Android 5+
  • Rocket.Chat server 0.70.0+


Send multiple attachments

  • Now you can send multiple files on the same attachment:
Send Multiple Attachments mobile

Action sheet redesigned

  • A new action sheet layout redesigned for performance and user experience

Upgrade to React Navigation 5

  • React Navigation 5 introduces a complete refactor using different techniques consuming less memory,. Faster and easier to work with.


  • Omnichannel status toggle
  • Iframe authentication
  • In-app notification redesigned

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typing when “Real Name” setting is enabled
  • Fixed auto-translate toggle not persisting state


  • Add a wrapper to make Meteor methods calls over REST

  • Increase“content_hash_max_items” on Watchman

  • Create DimensionsContext

  • Add Fastlane to Android module and configure CI

Sneak Peek: What To Expect Next?

We’re working to have Rocket.Chat 4.9.0 up and running soon, with important new features, such as:

  • Push notification privacy
  • Jitsi deep link
  • Support to new threads, and other much more!

For more information on how to use Rocket.Chat’s mobile version, check this out.

Not using Rocket.Chat app yet? Download it today!

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Wondering if Rocket.Chat is the right fit for your team?

Lucia Fallavena

Lucia Fallavena


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